5 things you need to do right now to climb the corporate ladder

March 13th, 2019

3 Minute Read

We live in a dynamic world. A few years in the management world and you would be living by the proverb – “Change is the only thing constant.” If you have already realised this fact, you are probably wondering what’s next and how to get rid of the road block in your career? With excellent post graduation degrees to pursue and executive MBA from IIMs in India, there is no dearth of opportunities. So how do you stand apart and climb up the professional ladder?

Fret not; we have unearthed the secret to boost your management career for you. Here are the 5 steps that speed up you management career and take you to newer heights in the corporate world.

Learn to lead

Leadership isn’t really about a title or a designation. One of the most crucial aspects to grow in your career is to take the lead and be dependable. Initiate and take up responsibilities. Allow us to make this step simpler for you. There are plenty of programmes like executive MBA from IIM or senior leadership programmes offered around the country. Designed specifically for working professionals; this one pairs with you just like cheese with wine.

Be visible

The new age of internet has made it easier than ever to showcase your talent and achievements. Make sure you are present and visible in all relevant areas. Be it online communities, groups, networking sites; leverage them all to increase your visibility.

Consistency is the key

The competition might get very overwhelming but keeping consistent is extremely necessary. Be resilient and keep the hard-work going. Maintaining the balance between your professional life and your educational goals is highly important to let your consistency come out.


In the business world, especially when your niche is management, the more people you know the better. When you are looking forward to networking and getting to know people, remember, it’s not just about exchanging business cards. The best networking opportunities come from pursuing an Executive MBA from IIM. That’s mainly for two reasons; firstly, an executive programme includes people from various positions with vast experience. Secondly, what can be better than IIM when it comes to boosting your career, right?

Add to your resume – Skills and experience

This is one of the biggest reasons why a professional might feel the career block in the first place. While you might be busy gaining experience, don’t forget to update yourself with what is happening in the industry. Staying relevant to your field is best done by adding those certificates and other courses to your resume. Even if you have year’s worth of experience an executive MBA from IIM is a must to go further ahead.

If you are wondering where to start, we at Jaro Education have just the right thing for you. Choose from one of our executive programmes from IIM Rohtak or Ahmedabad as the next step in your career.