Advanced Data Science Certificate Program

Rotman School of Management (UofT) &
IITM Pravartak Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Madras

Course Duration
8 Months
Session Timing
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Advanced Data Science Program Overview

Acquire global level data literacy with the world-class Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) & IITM Pravartak Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Madras Advanced Data Science Certificate Program. This experiential, innovative and holistic program is specially designed for talented individuals seeking a transformative learning experience in data science. Participants will get exposure to the new age data analytics tools and techniques to extract insights from real-world data. The program pedagogy consists of an interdisciplinary curriculum and interdepartmental collaborative efforts of Rotman School of Management, Department of Statistical Sciences and Computer Science Department of the University of Toronto in design and delivery.
This interdisciplinary curriculum will enable participants to:
  • Leverage Internationally Recognized Instructors with combined academic excellence and extensive industry experience
  • Exposure to examining the subjects and concepts from different approaches and all related to the real business world
  • Seek engaging insights through discussions, assignments, practices, and case studies

Advanced Data Science Program will develop the data-driven skills and confidence to get a new career edge within this growing field of data science. Further, earn privilege to join the Rotman Connect community, participants will be able to gain professional leads and connections through Rotman School of Management’s global online community.

Advanced Data Science Program Highlights

Interdisciplinary Curriculum


Live Online Sessions


Case Studies and Interactive Activities

Place Holder

Assignments and Presentations


Program Portal and Online
Learning Hub

Top-tier faculty from Rotman School of Management & IITM Pravartak


Technical Support for Online Teaching and Learning Platform


Privilege to Alumni network – Rotman Connect


  • Graduate /Diploma Holder
  •  Minimum 2+ years of work experience in the field of Engineering
  • For professionals, who are looking for a career transition in the Data Science field

Program Schedule

  • Weekend Lectures: 2.5 hours
  • No. of sessions: 40

Tools to be covered