Charity begins at home, and we do it on the day of love: Jaro education visit an old age home

Valentine’s Day being an English concept, is hardly celebrated by senior citizens in India. Hence, the employees of Jaro Education, Goregaon branch, visited Assisi Bhavan old age home and celebrated the “day of love” with them. They sang and danced to the tunes of old melodies, as well as the new ones. The elderly shared their experiences and stories with the youth, and enlightened them about how different their ways of “expressing love” were, compared to the modernistic views. They played a few games. They said they believed every day, to be Valentine’s Day because 24 hours aren’t enough to express the amount of love one has for their partner. They also said that “romantic love” isn’t the only kind of love, but family and friends are important too. This initiative was appreciated by all—the senior citizens, as well as the youth.

As a symbol of gratitude, they prayed for the employees and blessed them with a bright future. Also, they encouraged the youth to keep working towards imparting the concept of education and work hard to achieve our goals. We all know love and charity go hand in hand, and at Jaro they practice as they preach.


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