Employees of jaro education engage themselves in philanthropic work; visit the ‘Desire Society’, a NGO at Gurugram.

The employees of jaro education, Gurgaon Branch, paid a visit to the Desire Society (NGO) on the 24th of April, 2016, with an intention of spending some quality time with the kids who were not so fortunate. Most of the kids were HIV Positive. However, their morale and their spirit were held high at all times.

The kids were enthusiastic, and were eager to play with the employees, and furthermore, they all wanted to be carried and played with; be given special attention. The innocence showed in their faces. A special kind of a bond was created between the employees and the children who were abandoned; orphan children.

The kids were very well looked after. They were well-behaved, and when the employees were on their way out, the kids thanked them. They really did appreciate their visit and presence. The little souls told them that they’d be delighted if they did visit again.


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