The 7th Annual Reward and Recognition Ceremony

jaro education celebrated its 7th Annual Reward and Recognition Ceremony, held at the Palatial Kohinoor Continental Hotel here in Mumbai on the 8th of August, 2016. The Adam and Eve themed award show, inspired by the film Hum Tum, was quite the different than shows the organization has had witnessed in the previous years.

Much like every other year, this year was no different when it came to women dressing in long floor brushing gowns, and men in their crisp terry coat tuxedos. The show began with a video that contained clips from the last year’s ceremony. Everyone present in the hall reminisced about that day, of which the memories are still engraved in their hearts.

The CEO of jaro education, Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, addressed his fellow employees and made one and each feel welcomed. He, whilst on stage, recognized the efforts of every employee and mentioned how those efforts have carved the organization and has leaded the firm to its glory.

The award eve saw some astounding dance performances, particularly the one performance which was by the Goregaon branch. The theme of their piece was of Shiv Samudra Mathan. Their dance was fairly enthralling. With their neon dance performance, which was on a spiritual side, there was barely a person who could take his eyes off the stage.

The evening progressed further on, and moved on to award give aways’ for NET HR. Awards for The Star Performer of the Year and Challenger Award were given away. Several startling performances followed this, out of which one was of Chembur Rockers’. All the performances were Adam and Eve themed. Apart from this, the awards for EPL and JPL too were distributed.

Every person inside the chamber was in high spirits. Men and women, managers and executives, danced and grooved to the catchy tunes the DJ played. The food catered by the hosts was scrumptious, and no one left with an empty stomach.

All in all, the award night was pretty much engaging and a break from the ten different things we do in our lives.


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