A visit to the SOS Children’s Village, (NGO), Pune, by the employees of jaro education won the hearts of the underprivileged kids.

The employees of jaro education visited the SOS Children’s Village, a NGO for the underprivileged children, on the 24th of April, 2016. The men and women of jaro education showed their compassion for these godly children, and furthermore, explained humanity.

They had specially bought sport goodies for the children. The little ones were overjoyed to receive the unexpected presents from them; cricket bats, badminton rackets, shuttle cocks, various types of board games, colouring books, and more.

These children are no different than the other kids of their age. They go to school, play, dance and even learn karate. They are provided with healthy meals three times a day. The girls are taught stitching. Every morning they are taken out for a morning walk; helps them keep their mind fresh. Yoga teaches them to keep their fickle brains at peace. Be it birthday celebrations or a come-back party from home, every small occasion is celebrated. All in all, the atmosphere there is very positive indeed.

The kids thanked them on their way out and the look of joy on their faces was unexplainable.


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