11 Data Science Careers Shaping Our Future



In this digital age, data science is the new buzzword. Data science collects, stores, and analyzes a massive amount of data to find useful patterns. It has critical usage in all industries ranging from the big tech companies to governance and finance. 

Data science shaping the future

Data science is a futuristic field, as the world is fast moving toward digitization. Most big giants generate a large volume of data daily. These big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon use data science to customize their products and ads. Data science has applications in dealing with today’s pressing issues like climate change and pandemics. It develops climate change models and helps monitor public health. It also helps provide customized solutions to farmers. Today, data science is an instrument of good governance by helping in efficiently targeting the beneficiaries of welfare schemes. An advanced degree in data science would be an intelligent move for the aspirants seeking a career in this exciting field.

Here is a list of 11 data science careers, which are shaping our world and future:

  • Data scientist

Data scientists analyze structured and unstructured data to find meaningful information. They enable organizations to make informed decisions. It ultimately leads to resource optimization. They use advanced analytical tools for their job, which goes beyond statistics modeling.

An advanced data science course would be an asset for a person pursuing data science as a career. The IU International University of Applied Sciences course – Master of Science Degree in Data Science –  offers a program designed to impart skills and a solid foundation.

  • Data engineer

Data engineers are primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the data infrastructure. They make the data readable and accessible to data scientists. 

A course – Advanced Data Science Certificate Program offered by Rotman School of Management (UoT) equips the aspirant with the required complex technical skills needed for the job.

  • Data architect

A data architect is responsible for creating the enterprise data management framework. In simple terms, they visualize and develop the blueprint of the complete framework that the data engineers build. This framework specifies the processes to handle data collection, storage, and maintenance.

This special skill requires a good hold of the subject and exposure, which can be better acquired with a course Data Science and Analytics for Business offered by Shiv Nadar University.

  • Business intelligence developer

The business intelligence developers are responsible for developing strategies for better decision-making. They make the required information available in a simple form right on time. For this purpose, they use tools or build analytic applications. Business intelligence developers are one of the most sought-after job roles in data science. 

The Advanced Data Science Certificate Program by the Rotman School of Management (UoT) helps you acquire deep knowledge of software development, analytical skills, and creativity required for this profession.

  • Machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer builds data pipelines and machine learning infrastructure so that it can deliver software solutions.

Deep knowledge of the field is mandatory while pursuing this career. A Master of Science Degree in Data Science course offered by IU International University of Applied Sciences helps learn the nuances of data science.

  • Data analyst

Data analysts interpret data and turn it into information that can improve a business, thus affecting business decisions. They gather information from various sources and interpret patterns and trends. The Master of Science Degree in Data Science by the IU International University of Applied Sciences is a promising program for this career choice.

  • Machine learning scientist

Machine learning scientists are responsible for new research to solve business problems. They create new algorithms in labs. Machine learning scientist is a highly skilled and futuristic job role, which requires an advanced course in data science.

  • Enterprise architect

An enterprise architect understands how to innovate and come up with business design ideas. They are involved in overseeing each vertical of the company and exploring new areas to be covered. Enterprise Architects are macro-coordinators of a company.

  • Business analyst

A business analyst conducts research and looks into the company’s operations to bring more efficiency. The Data Science and Analytics for Business course offered by Shiv Nadar University helps you gain knowledge to become a business analyst.

  • Database administrator

Database administrators are responsible for maintaining and storing the data of an organization. They ensure fast access of required data by authentic authorities. Additionally, they keep the data safe and work with cybersecurity experts.

  • Statistician

Statisticians analyse and interpret data using mathematical models to solve real-world problems. They work in various fields; however, a specialization would make a statistician much more job-ready for a particular sector.

If you are interested in data science, there are many ways to master this field. One such way is to pursue a master’s degree in data science, which is available online. Another is to upskill yourself by enrolling in an Advanced Data Science Certification course.

Here are a few courses that offer a comprehensive curriculum in data science to equip you with a solid foundation and good exposure, making you job-ready.

  1. Advanced Data Science Certificate Program, Rotman School of Management (UoT).
  2. Data Science and Analytics for Business, Shiv Nadar University.
  3. Master of Science Degree in Data Science, IU International University of Applied Sciences.


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