Career Outlook, Job Duties & Salaries for a PG in Data Science

Data science is one of the most prominent jobs among other job opportunities available in the market. As per recent reports, by 2026 11.5 million data science job openings will be created in the industry. So, to steadfast your growth and stay updated with the latest skills and trends arising in this industry, it is important to stay updated.

In today’s era, where upskilling has become an easy task due to easy access and availability of valuable courses, one such valuable and highly recognised program is the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation – IIM Nagpur. This programme will delve deeper into the essentials and applications of science in business decision-making, which in turn, will help you gain expertise in this field.

Further, let’s delve into the career outlook in the data science field.

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Career outlook of data scientists

A study shows that 93500 data science jobs were available by August 2020. 11 million job roles are expected to open up by 2026, making India the second most prominent job market. Data controls everything today because of which firms consider data science to be a crucial component. 

There can be an extensive market analysis for competitive advantage by altering products and pricing strategies. It leads to increased conversions due to higher operational efficiency and reduced risk exposure because of accurate forecasting models. Firms can achieve the new targets through data-driven insights.

Despite having many data scientists in India, not all of them have the necessary skills and specialisation. This mandates upskilling and expertise to meet the market requirement for data science professionals by enrolling in a Data Science Online Course. 

The postgraduate specialisation programs in data science ensure career development and advancement. Some popular job profiles in data science include Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Scientist – R/Statistical Modelling, Data Science Manager, Business Intelligence Developer, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Lead, Business Analyst – Artificial Intelligence, and others.

Job Duties and Salaries of a Data Scientist

Duties of a Data Scientist

Online data science courses in India help candidates learn all the skills necessary for efficiently carrying out the job duties of a data scientist. These duties of a data scientist include:

  • Asking the right questions to get the required data.
  • Processing, cleansing, integrating and storing the data. 
  • Performing initial data investigation along with exploratory data analysis.
  • Selecting the potential models and algorithms. 
  • Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical modelling are the different data science techniques.
  • Measuring the results and observing the improvements before presenting the outcomes to stakeholders.
  • Making changes as per the feedback and then repeating the complete process. 


Average Salary of a Data Scientist

After completing a PG in data science, numerous job roles are available to data scientists. The average salary (in INR) in each of these roles as per the previous year’s report, are as follows:

  • Senior Software Engineer: INR 11 lakh
  • Software Engineer: INR 8 lakh
  • Data Analyst: INR 6 lakh
  • Senior Data Analyst: INR 9.25 lakh
  • Senior Business Analyst: INR 12.75 lakh
  • Data Scientist: INR 6.98 lakh
  • Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer: INR 11 lakh
  • Business Analyst, IT: INR 8.29 lakh
  • Software Developer: INR 8 lakh
  • Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer: INR 6.75 lakh


  • What jobs does a Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme get you?

Applied Data Scientist, Lead Applied ML or Big Data Engineer, Lead Applied Scientist, Applied Research Engineer/Scientist, and Principle Data and Applied Scientist are some jobs that Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Program get you.

  • Why should you specialise in a Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme?

Specialising in this programme helps you learn using the new age tools and techniques such as AI, Analytics consulting, and make data-driven decisions by writing algorithms for processing a lot of information in less time, besides ensuring security and privacy of crucial data.

  • What are various career options available after the Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme?

Data scientist, data engineer, data architect, data analyst, machine learning scientist, database administrator are some of the career options that are open after completing the Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme.

  • What is the average salary offered after the Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Programme?

Based on the experience and the job role, the average salary after Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation Program varies from INR 3.5 to 20 lakhs per annum approximately.

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