Case Study: 8 Surprising Ways Computer Science has Benefited Society

Computer Science

Computing is intrinsic to our daily life. Our dependence will only increase as we march towards a more digitally-connected world. Thus, choosing a career with a Masters in Computer Science can be a smart move. But before discussing the benefits of Computer Science as a professional choice, firstly understand why it is one. Examine the role computer science professionals’ plays in our society, how does it benefit and shape your future. Here’s a look at eight such ways.

Improving healthcare and saving lives

Advancements in computing technology have significantly improved medical and healthcare facilities. Research and development of new medicines, medical equipment manufacturing, and even how diseases are identified and treated have seen a massive positive shift in recent years due to computer science. Similarly, the internet has made it possible to develop a network of healthcare facilities, even allowing doctors to treat patients, including performing surgery, remotely.

Providing opportunities to the overlooked

Computer technology is easily accessible and provides a level playing field. This is highly beneficial to the marginalized and minority communities. For instance, computer technology offers equal opportunity for small and big businesses, men and women, and people in rural and urban areas alike. This feature of computer technology truly empowers people and furthers society’s development and progress.

Helping predict and avoid natural disasters

Computer science provides tools that help monitor the weather and even predict uncertain, catastrophic situations much into the future. Computerized tools can accurately predict earthquakes, storms, torrents, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Thus, professionals can be prepared in advance against such disasters and take necessary steps to help minimize the resultant damage.

Empowering professionals and improving the quality of education

Computers and the internet are competing with the traditional education system and have paved the way for EdTech. E-learning platforms have completely transformed education. They have significantly revolutionized how students learn new concepts, solve problems, or undergo assessment, leading to an increased quality of education.

Additionally, online learning has facilitated providing education to even the remotest areas, especially for people financially incapable of getting a high-quality education. 

Paving the way for a digitally-connected world

Social media, video calling tools, instant messaging apps, etc., have transcended the traditional boundaries, helping individuals on personal and professional levels. While one can better connect with their loved ones on the other side of the globe, similarly, they can work for an organization in a different timezone altogether.

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Creating a greener, cleaner planet

Computer Science has enabled the development of sophisticated tools that can help tackle environmental problems. Issues like pollution, waste management and disposal, disease identification and containment, and others can be easily tackled using computers.

Safeguarding against financial fraud

Online financial frauds have increased in recent years, and so have tools that can help safeguard against such scams. This has helped protect people’s hard-earned money and reduced their stress regarding their money being unsafe in banks and other financial institutes.

Developing and progressing society

Computer science has positively impacted every aspect of society. It is omnipresent, from protecting our finances and improving the quality of life to making equal representation possible. This has facilitated our civilization’s development and progress as a whole.


The impact of computer science is undeniable. Its reach and impact will undoubtedly only expand further. Thus, an M.Sc. in Computer Science degree can provide individuals with an excellent and fulfilling career opportunity and help impact a positive social change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should study computer science?
    • Students and professionals who want to be industry-ready for the next industrial revolution, ‘Industry 4.0’, and want to explore job opportunities across many industries should study M.Sc. in Computer Science. Similarly, those who wish to put their code to good use by solving problems, serving people, and impacting society can also study computer science.
  • Why study computer science?
    • Computer Science is a vast field encompassing various aspects related to computers. It empowers and educates students about multiple relevant topics like cybersecurity, AI, ML, and data science, to name a few. This opens up doors to lucrative job opportunities spread across various industries.
  • Which are the different job profiles that one can apply for after completing this course?
    • After completing a course in computer science, candidates can apply for various job positions in multiple industries and are not bound in the IT/computer domain. They can apply for a computer scientist position in finance, banking, IT, automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, e-commerce, manufacturing, and several other domains.
  • How much is the fee for computer science?

A two-year M.Sc. in Computer Science course from IU International University of Applied Sciences – Germany and London South Bank University, for example, is INR 4,58,000. The fee is inclusive of GST charges. You can also pay the cost in installments over 18 months.

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