All you need to know before enrolling for DSU’s Executive MBA Program

All-you-need-to-know-before-enrolling-for-DSU's-Executive-MBA-Program jaro

In the hustling business world, each individual is pushed beyond the limits to upskill themselves and stay updated with knowledge in every industry. The Executive MBA Program by Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) is the optimal option for working professionals to accelerate their careers in management. The flexible online classes and the on-campus sessions on weekends provide a knack for working professionals to grow hand-in-hand by justifying their corporate roles.

With its 25,000 sq. ft. campus, DSU is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. DSU is officially accredited by University Grants Commission, India, and stands upright in providing quality higher education to every Indian.

Structure of the program and Evaluation criteria

The compact structure of the DSU Executive MBA program makes it a remarkable choice to uplift your career. 

  • The EMBA program enforces a strong general management program. However, in the last trimester, students have the liberty to choose a functional specialization.
  • The DSU Execution MBA provides 15 courses, each concentrating on a prominent sector.
  • The program is 17 months long and consists of four trimesters and a capstone project.
  • The first three trimesters have 12 credits each, and the last trimester has 18 credits which sums up to 54 credits.
  • Only if there are 10 or more enrollments a specialization would be offered.

Navigating the Admission Requirements: A Guide to the Process, Eligibility and Fees

Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum of one year of full-time work experience is mandatory to get admission.
  • Candidates must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent degree with a minimum aggregate of 50% from a recognized university.
  • 5% relaxation for SC/ST applicants is offered by DSU.

Admission Process

  • As a starting step, students need to fill out an application form.
  • The team of DSU will approach the applicants for the telephone interview.
  • Post-telephonic interview, a provisional offer letter would be availed to the selected applicants.
  • The selected candidates need to submit the documents of 10th, 12th, Graduation, and proof of work experience to the University for verification.
  • Once verified, the students would be invited to the orientation program, and then ID cards would be issued.

Fee Structure

  • The total fee for the Executive MBA program is INR  2,25,000/- and can be paid in five instalments.
  • The Application fee (INR 1000/-), Initial Registration fee (INR 21000/-), and the first instalment (INR 26,000/-) should be paid at the time of admission.
  •  For the academic workshops, a student will be needed to pay additional fees of up to INR 3000/- for the tenure of the program.
  •  Students wishing to repeat a trimester should pay a trimester repetition fee of INR 50,000/-.

Program’s Pedagogy (a blended model)

This Executive MBA program at DSU in India allows students the flexibility to explore beyond its rigorous pedagogy.

  • Rather than purely face-to-face or online classes, this program follows a blended instruction model making it unique. An amalgamation of one-on-one face time and digital instruction is used, providing the students with the liberty to learn new concepts on their own.
  • Students can get their hands on the reading materials, such as readings, cases, and articles, in advance. This flipped classroom technique is followed, making a larger impact on students. 
  • Case studies from various geographies and domains would be discussed and debated enriching the classroom learning atmosphere.

As students are already working professionals, each gets to understand the perspective of various domains. Students would get the honour of attending the speaker series, which increases the room for building various perspectives on management concepts. Annual conferences and seminars would be held, bringing in entrepreneurs and business leaders as guest speakers.

Why should you opt for the DSU EMBA program?

The DSU EMBA program is curated to amplify the career potential of every management professional. It has numerous positive attributes that make it an ideal professional program.

  • The flexibility and adaptability of the program make it one of the best Executive MBA programs. Students can access it from any location at their convenience.
  • 17 months course duration with a validity of 36 months is advantageous in case of an emergency.
  • The Executive MBA program at DSU in India is designed to accommodate working professionals by offering weekend classes, which allows them to gain hands-on experience while continuing to work.
  • Approved by UGC, DSU is considered one of the top new universities in southern India.
  • The faculty practice professional teaching and are industry leaders in their functioning areas. With 1: 7 students to faculty ratio, the professors provide deep insights and support to every student.
  •  Along with the online classes, recorded lectures would also be available, helping the students to be on the track.
  •  With the alumni currently in MNCs like Google, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, etc., The EMBA program provides students with the chance to network with alumni to understand diverse industry experiences.
  • The EMBA program incorporates the knowledge to analyze trade-offs and exceptional action plans and develop ground-breaking strategies making you a company’s asset.

What is the DSU Capstone Project, and How does it benefit?

The first practical implementation of the knowledge gathered from previous trimesters is the capstone project. As a part of this project, the student researches and identifies an industry-related problem. Further, with the modern techniques learned in the course, students need to identify accurate solutions and make a report accordingly. This solution-driven project is necessary to complete and marks a legacy end to the Executive MBA program. Faculty, the subject matter experts, are available for assistance to thick and through the project.

The Career Possibilities Post the DSU Executive Program

After the completion of this elegant EMBA program, professionals can expect around a 17% hike in their industry area. The faculty assists the students in getting into their dream companies. MNC companies like Amazon, Axis Bank, Buhler, Wipro, Accenture, etc., are the leading recruiters of DSU. For the students aspiring to head-start their start-up, this program takes them closer to their daydreams.

Whether you want to head-start your venture, boost your network, develop managerial skills, grow in the corporate sector, or have job satisfaction with a high salary, Dayananda Sagar University EMBA fuels it all.

The DSU Executive MBA Program is an excellent choice for professionals looking to expand their skill sets, boost their career prospects, and be part of a growing global community. It provides the opportunity to build knowledge and skills through high-quality instruction and diverse learning experiences. The program allows students to balance their professional and family commitments while earning a prestigious degree.

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