How can a doctorate in business administration help you start your own company?

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A Doctorate in Business Administration is a research-based advanced degree. Many experienced professionals opt for this degree after an MBA to gain greater expertise in the business. DBA programs are designed to build upon the knowledge gained in a master’s degree. They teach qualitative and quantitative skills in leadership, decision-making, and business management.

The skills learned during a Doctor of Business Administration course can help elevate your career to the next level. That is, you can be your own boss. How? Let’s look at the skills taught in DBA programs that help you start your own company.

Practical Training

One of the major differences between a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a PhD in Business Administration is that DBA involves a higher level of practical training rather than focusing purely on academic research.

This helps get a better understanding of how companies function in the real world. When you start your own company, you will be better equipped to handle the day-to-day operations.

Personality Development

DBA programs allow you to meet a wide range of professionals having different statuses from different sectors. Interacting with such varied individuals can help develop your personality and lead to personal growth.

This skill can come in handy when starting a new company as you will need to interact with multiple people such as team members, investors, employees, etc.  


You will meet other individuals having the same level of passion for business, self-development, and professional growth. These people can prove helpful when you start your own venture. They will be there to provide valuable business advice or even help you out financially when needed.

Business Management

Business management skills are necessary to manage people, daily operations, and other business resources. These skills are needed for the normal functioning of your business daily.

A Doctor of Business Administration degree can empower you with the management skills that can help run your company efficiently.


As a business owner, you should lead from the front. Your decision impacts your employees, clients, and how your business functions. Thus, leadership is an essential quantity to have when starting your own business.

A Doctor of Business Administration teaches just that. Many DBA programs offer one-on-one leadership coaching to help students develop the indispensable leadership qualities that are needed to start a company.

Critical Thinking

DBA programs are heavily research-based. Such programs help develop an individual’s critical thinking. This skill is essential as you will be the decision-maker in your company. One wrong decision, and you can suffer substantial financial and non-financial losses.

Thus, any decision you make should be backed by analytical and critical thinking, thorough research, and confidence. All these skills are developed in a DBA program.


A Doctor of Business Administration is essential if you want to take your career to the next level. The skills learned in DBA programs can make the process of starting and running your own company simple. You will also experience rapid growth in your venture. There are various online and offline DBA degree programs that you can choose from.

If you want to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration degree, we recommend you check out Swiss School of Management- Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. The course is designed for experienced professionals and offers the highest quality educational experience. The program includes one-on-one leadership coaching, personal development plans, and innovative educational tools. It will help individuals expand the knowledge and skills which will help them start their own company.


  • What are the different payment options available for the Doctor of Business Administration Program? 

The fee for the Doctor of Business Administration program is to be paid online. The fee can be paid through net banking or other online payment methods.

  • What should I keep in mind while choosing a Doctor of Business Administration course?

While choosing a Doctor of Business Administration course, consider the specialization, course duration, study mode (online, offline, or hybrid), the fees, and the university you wish to pursue the degree from.

  • Who should pursue a Doctor of Business Administration course?

Individuals who hold senior positions in companies and have significant experience should pursue a Doctor of Business Administration course. It will help distinguish themselves further, climb the senior-level ranks quickly, and even start their own company.

  • What is the fee for the Doctor of Business Administration Program?

The Doctor of Business Administration Program fee from the Swiss School of Management is INR 5,70,000. The fee is inclusive of GST.

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