How to win the battle for talent in business analytics?

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Big data and business analytics are emerging as lucrative fields for a bright and prosperous career. Undoubtedly, many individuals are flocking towards courses such as the Executive Program in Business Analytics.
Choosing an average or below-par business analytics course will make you a part of the herd and lower your career prospects. Thus, you need to select the best business analytics course to help you stand out from the crowd and win the battle for talent in business analytics
Things to consider when choosing a Business Analytics course. You need to consider several factors when choosing a business analytics course to find the best fit. Some of them include:

Be Logical

This is the most crucial factor to consider in a business analytics course. Ask yourself ‘when, where, and how questions related to the course. Opt for a course for which you get satisfactory answers. 
For example: When is the course taught, Where is the course taught? and How is the course taught?
If you find satisfactory answers that can fulfill your commitments, you should choose the course.
For instance, if you are currently working in Mumbai, you can’t opt for a course offered in Pune. Similarly, you can’t opt for a course in Mumbai, whose schedule overlaps with your work hours.
Thus, you can choose a business analytics course, such as the one offered by Adani Institute, that is highly flexible and designed especially for working professionals.

Concepts Covered

Business analytics is a vast domain, encapsulating various concepts. They include statistics, analytics, and data measurement, among others. Students also need to know multiple software like Power BI, Excel, SQL, Apache Hadoop, and Spark, to name a few.
To win the battle for talent in business analytics, choose a course that offers extensive and unmatched knowledge regarding essential subjects and topics in business analytics. The course should also give hands-on exposure to real-world business analytics problems and let students solve them with their analytical skills.

Course Cost

Education is getting expensive by the day. A business analytics course can cost lakhs of rupees. Moreover, many students opt for EMI options that further escalate the cost. Thus, even if they land a decent job, the fee recovery time increases. Therefore, you should opt for business analytics courses with a nominal fee, have EMI options, and have low to zero interest rates on EMI. The Executive Program in Business Analytics has a nominal fee of only INR 1,20,000, inclusive of GST. Moreover, you can also opt for no-cost EMI if you can’t pay the fee outright.

Teaching Faculty

The teaching faculty is another essential factor to consider when choosing a business analytics course. Teachers with extensive knowledge and experience can impart in-depth knowledge to students regarding various concepts. They can also provide tips and tricks to help you academically and in your career path.
The Executive Program in Business Analytics by Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management has renowned faculty members, each having more than a decade of experience in various business analytical roles.

Placement Assistance

Placement assistance is vital as students don’t want to go job hunting independently as the process can become tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, students can land a job with a pay package less than their worth. Business analytics program with placement assistance guarantees that you get proper guidance during your job search and land a decent job with a salary equivalent to current standards.


A career in business analytics is highly promising. Individuals completing a business analytics course can find various opportunities for data analysts, project managers, data scientists, and even chief technical officer (CTO). However, you must ensure that you choose a course that can set you apart from the crowd.

The Executive Program in Business Analytics offered by the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management is one of the best courses that can help you embark on a prosperous journey in business analytics. The course is designed and delivered by the best industry experts. It helps you learn all the requisite skills for embarking on a bright career in business analytics with 100% placement assistance.

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