Managing 101- From the diary of ice cream shop owner


Lead by example and the world follows. Managing stores or manufacturing units can be one of the most rewarding jobs—but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. To manage a store one must nurture growth strategies, polish professionally and learn to take thoughtful risks.

Emerging leaders seeking to uptick their current skills must learn how to manage using new-age management strategies. 

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  • A Scoop of SuccessFrom the diary of ice cream shop owner

Nearly thirty-seven years of age, an enthusiastic fruit vendor’s son from Karnataka for the first time ever set up an artisanal ice-cream parlours in a 400 sq. ft store with 10 flavours. Natural ice cream builds an INR 300 crores empire; here’s how!

Currently, Natural ice cream has 125 distinct flavours amongst them 20 are available the entire year across the nation. From a tiny shop in Mumbai to 135 stores all over India, Natural ice cream has surely elevated and emerged as the strongest ice cream franchise.  This distinct ice cream brand has aroused by addressing multiple obstacles and adopting various strategies for the products. Thus, setting a new benchmark for its huge success with almost no big advertising or brand promotional activities.

Majorly, Naturals ice cream relies on word-of-mouth for its promotions. This ice cream giant is a known company for offering its employees loyalty. Yes, once a week the company provides free ice creams for the 140 factory staffers. 

The evolution of Natural Ice Cream throws light on the enormous potential for franchising opportunities in India and abroad. With the intensified competition in the sector, every day has its own new challenges and Natural Ice Cream in comparison to Industries top ice-cream manufacturers like Amul, Kwality Walls, and Vadilal upticks the level.

Let’s think outside the cone how ice cream manufacturers incorporate robust strategies to move upwards and succeed.

  • Rising from the COVID Impact

Despite COVID-19, consumers still expect ice-cream manufacturers to stick with bringing new products as they yearn for sustainable products. India’s most successful ice cream parlour, Naturals has to build its reputation by creating a sumptuous scoop of an unusual variety of ice creams made with real fruit pulp.

Since the Pandemic, the nation has witnessed that most ice cream parlours, shops and restaurants shuttered for months due to lockdown. Despite this, the ice cream industry has to be nimble to make it happen. Natural launches unconventional flavours like Gajar Halwa, Litchis, Chikoo, Black Grapes, Figs, Watermelon, Guava, Kala Jamun and much more. The brand is currently on the verge of experimenting with the Ercole Ice Cream. 

  • Evolution management strategies in the Next-Normal

The ice cream manufacturing companies are seeking new growth opportunities to arise, which will help ice cream producers adapt now and thrive in the future. Hitting a sweet spot with unconventional flavours and marketing strategies now will pave a new milestone in the next normal for sure.

In the next normal, whether you like towing a scoop of gelato or like sumptuous triple layers of melting moments served in the form of kulfi — a pleasurable punch of ice cream will make your taste buds delightful.

  • Future of Frozen Desserts 

Forward-thinking sparks innovation and that’s how ice cream manufacturers are required to fulfil the demands of billions. Whether you are a millennial or from gen Z, one of life’s greatest pleasures for everyone is to have a scoop full of delicious delight. Ever-evolving flavours, styles and trends shift has made changes in consumption patterns with a growing expectation for ice cream manufacturers. 

  • Wrapping Up

A new wave of the digital landscape will leverage more focus on management strategies for developing the organisation in recent times. Ice cream companies need to be sustainable at every touchpoint. To upscale your managing strategies for the modern business world, professionals must lead through dynamic challenges in the business ecosystem. In order to flourish, management professionals must develop competencies and keep them up to their sleeve to utilize them during challenging decision-making situations.

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