The Importance of Data Science for Business



Today, 1.7 megabytes of data get generated every second. Hence, it becomes critical to know how to wade through; structure information, present and interpret it in a meaningful way. This large amount of data, called Big Data, has caused a growing demand for training in data science. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of data science jobs will likely rise by 15% by 2029. 

A data science certification course helps to know about data processes and behaviors and write algorithms for processing large amounts of information. In the business world with Big Data, data science plays a significant role in driving such knowledge. By the end of this article, you will know everything about data science and its importance in business.

What is Data Science? 

Data science is the process of cleaning and building datasets to extract & analyze the meaning of data. It allows you to assess data quality, form hypotheses, and organize data for analysis. 

Data Scientists often write algorithms in coding languages to analyze and collect big data. They can help in speeding up the process of analyzing and gathering data. Training in data science helps businesses grow and estimate customer insights, gathering and analyzing consumer data and information. 

The Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business – Shiv Nadar University (SNU) program stresses the role of both machine and human aspects of data science. 

Importance of a Data Analysis Certificate in Business

  • Gain Customer Insights

Data related to your consumers can help to reveal details about their demographics, preferences, and habits. A good understanding of data science can leverage the potential sources of consumer data. For example, each time your customer visits your website or store, they add an item to their cart, purchase it, and open their email.

You may need to gather and analyze all this data and ensure that each source is accurate. It also includes matching consumer’s email addresses with their credit card information, purchases information, and social media handles. By acquiring a data analysis certificate, you can identify trends and understand your customer needs. Knowing your customer needs helps ensure your products meet their needs and determine whether your sales and marketing efforts are working.

  • Increase Security 

Data Science helps in securing the data information of your business and protecting sensitive information. Data Scientists write algorithms that catch frauds faster and more accurately due to the sheer volume of daily data. The combination of human judgment and algorithms brings businesses closer to increased security and the appropriate use of data. The complete knowledge of training in data science can improve the security of your data and sensitive information.

  • Inform Internal Finances 

Data Science can be used to generate forecasts, analyze financial trends, and create reports. For instance, data on a company’s assets, debts, and cash flow are gathered and analyzed. They can be used algorithmically and manually to detect trends related to financial growth. In addition, data science analysis can evaluate whether business decisions are valuable depending on market requirements. Training in data science offers priceless insights and helps in driving business decisions.

  • Predict Future Market Trends 

Analyzing and collecting data allows identifying market trends. Tracking purchasing data, and search engine queries can help reveal what products are trending and wanted by the customers. A data analysis certificate can predict future market trends. It will help in forecasting customers’ future product needs and services. You can make your business better by staying up to date on future market trends that will allow you to be ahead of the curve, leading to organizational growth. 


Data science is needed in every type of industry. Hence, data science job opportunities are expected to rise in the future. The field holds much relevance in today’s era. Even if you are not a Data Scientist, you need to know data science to gain insights and make better business decisions. Shiv Nadar University offers the best courses for data analytics. Learners can enroll in the Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business – Shiv Nadar University (SNU) to acquire a data science certificate online. Check it out today to expedite your business growth backed by data analytics!

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