Top 10 Qualities of a Brilliant Executive MBA Professional

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Top 10 Qualities of a Brilliant Executive MBA Professional

Why Pursue an Executive MBA?

With the growing competition in the professional world, the executive MBA for working professionals has been seeing an upward trend. It helps the candidate enhance their leadership qualities essential for various management positions. An executive MBA course gives an edge over others in the management field and provides a firm grasp of business fundamentals.

10 Qualities That Define an Executive MBA Professional

Shiv Nadar University is an internationally recognized university that has been providing the best executive MBA programs. The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree prepares the candidate to emerge as a global leader. 

The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree has been designed to provide a holistic understanding of management strategies and principles to working professionals who wish to advance their careers. Further, Shiv Nadar University has collaborated with Warwick Business School featured in the World’s Top 20 Business Schools list by the Economist.

Let us look at how pursuing the Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree helps candidates in their professional careers.

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills

When it comes to leadership levels, organizations look for candidates who can understand and encourage their employees. The executive program MBA helps in enhancing leadership skills. It prepares the candidates to take on new challenges, learn from their experiences, and make appropriate decisions. 

  • Domain Expertise

Under this Executive MBA online program, the candidate can expand their learning in a specific domain. The program will help in identifying and filling the gaps. Further, the domain expertise will enable the candidate to gain a good position in the organization.

  • Better Analytical Thinking

When you are a decision-maker, it is crucial to think analytically and comprehend the business model. The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree familiarizes the candidates with the primary business areas, helping them to make improved analytical decisions at their workplace.

  • Entrepreneurial Thought Process

The business knowledge and creativity required to invent a strategy and identify and cater to the gaps in the market is crucial. It comes under the entrepreneurial thought process that is enhanced by the  MBA (Executive) course.

  • Working Under Pressure

When a candidate has a deadline to meet for providing a quality product in the market, it requires high efficiency under immense pressure. The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree teaches the candidate to tackle such pressure head-on and deliver the required result for the organization. 

  • Decision-making Skills

For someone at the management level, taking the right decision at the appropriate time is the most critical task. The best executive MBA programs work toward enhancing the decision-making skills of the candidate through rigorous and carefully designed curricula.

  • Working with Cross-functional Teams

The MBA (Executive) program provides a holistic approach toward all the branches, allowing a better understanding of other departments in the organization. It makes working with cross-functional teams easier and proves beneficial for the organization.

  • Overall Development of the Team and Organization

The EMBA program prepares the candidate to become a compassionate, considerate, resolute, and highly skilled leader who cares for the overall development of the team and the organization. 

  • Bringing Innovation to the Team

With the MBA (Executive) course, the candidate brings fresh ideas to the table. Working professionals who enroll in the course are prepared to bring about positive changes to their workplace through innovative ideas and hands-on engagement with their peers.

  • Discipline

The most essential quality for a working professional is discipline. The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree teaches the candidate to practice self-regulation, manage time properly, and submit projects on time to benefit the organization.

About the Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) Degree

The Shiv Nadar University MBA fees for the two-year course are INR 7,50,000. The breakdown is as follows. 

  • First year’s fees: INR 3,87,500
  • Second year’s fees: INR 3,62,500
  • Application fees: INR 1200+ plus applicable service charges

The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree provides specialization under Finance, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics & Data Strategy. The candidates should have a minimum of two years of work experience after post-graduation and a minimum of 50% in graduation. 


An executive MBA course provides a major boost in working candidates’ professional careers. The Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) degree prepares the candidate to face multiple challenges at the management level and teaches them to provide efficient solutions for them. The admissions for the 2021-23 batch are now open. Apply to the Shiv Nadar University MBA (Executive) Degree before the opportunity is gone!

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