Accelerated General Management Programme - Preparing you for better leadership roles

Go beyond with Strategic Management

Accelerated General Management Programme - Preparing you for better leadership roles

The key reasons why people opt for business schools are to build a strong professional network, gain entrepreneurial skills and kick-start a career in the management field. However the dynamic management field demands for constant upgrading and upskilling which can’t be convenient once you have reached the mid managerial levels. Hence, an option of Executive programme plays a crucial role in widening the career prospects of working professionals.
One such programme is Accelerated General Management Programme offered by IIM Ahmedabad. It is designed with an objective to inculcate managerial skills in the participants and prepare them for future leadership roles with the convenience of fast paces curriculum and blended study modes.

Reasons to pursue Accelerated General Management Programme:

Obsolete management skills have no scope in this evolving business world. Given the dynamic nature of the market, employees are required to upgrade their skill-set accordingly. Management skills with modernised concepts and strategies are required to manage organisations in today’s business environment.

The Accelerated General Management Programme, one of IIM Ahmedabad’s Executive Courses, helps participants expand their knowledge-base in the global business environment. The programme will provide you the opportunity to interact with professionals from various industries. Academic counsellors at Jaro Education believe that the programme will enhance your strategic management skills required in the new business environment.

Overview of the programme:

The one year long programme covers all the concepts and topics to help the participants upgrade themselves in their leadership roles. Tailor-made for the mid level managers with minimum of 5 years of work experience, Accelerated General Management Programme will equip the participants with the right tools of management skills needed in the global business world through blended teaching approach. The pedagogy of the programme is highly interactive. Through online lectures with Jaro Education, case studies, research-based projects, and in-campus sessions at IIM Ahmedabad, participants are provided with an in-depth understanding of current market trends and opportunity to learn from rich experiences of peers from across the industry.

With the upgraded skill-set and knowledge base after having completed Accelerated General Management Programme, working professionals can possibly prepare themselves for taking on the higher job roles. This programme may also help people step into leadership roles in young start-ups and possibly in established firms as well.


Go beyond with Strategic Management

Go beyond with Strategic Management

Go beyond with Strategic Management

“Strategy Execution is the responsibility that makes or breaks executives”
—Alan Branche and Sam Bodley-Scott, Implementation

Strategic Management is crucial in the success of all kinds of ventures. Deciding not to apply this technique in any business plan is a recipe for disaster. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at small businesses as an example. They are recognized as the engines of economic growth. In India, they are the second largest source of employment after agriculture, contributing to nearly 42 million jobs. Every year they create one million more jobs and this is just the data extracted back in 2008.
So you can see why they are the foundation of our economy, and consequentially, the lifeline of the common man. But more than half of these start-ups don’t make it past one year of being operational. There could be many reasons for business failure, but analysts have found that the real culprit behind this is neglecting strategy management. The consequences have been loss of employments and economic instability.

Strategy Management: The key to survival:

Growth is extremely important. Just staying stagnant and trying to survive is not a good strategy. If businesses want to succeed there needs to be constant customer acquisition, customer retention, and a positive cash flow index. Even then, many still find themselves in dead ends, unless, they are willing to constantly learn and change up their tactics. This, needless to say, can be achieved only through strategic planning and execution.

Fulfilling the need of the hour:

Let’s look at sectors apart from big enterprises and focus on others, like schools for example. Schools are required to provide quality learning & development to students. As soon as an academic year ends they need to look at their syllabus and determine if it is still relevant to today’s rapidly changing world. Also, because of the increasing pressure from society and the government they need to keep their programme continuously updated. As such, schools don’t have the luxury of closing down and must continue to then form a strategy for the future by looking into the past i.e. implementing strategic management into their administration.

Setting up for the future:

Hence, it shows that in any sector it’s not sustainable to be ‘reactive’ anymore but necessary to be proactive. Since 1950, when strategic management was first originated, there has been a growing demand for implementing proper strategies. Its importance has been noticed and many top institutions have offered executive education on Strategy Management. IIM Ahmedabad, the top ranked B-School in India has an executive programme that dives into the fundamentals and execution of strategic Management. Take this opportunity to learn about this how this technique can be used to in your venture. Click Here to know more

What is Strategic Management, Really?

What is Strategic Management, Really?

What is Strategic Management, Really?

Why you should care about strategy in business

It has been reported by Forbes that just 25% of every start-up succeeds; the remaining 75% fail to find an exit strategy. This means that amongst the 3000 new businesses launched in 2018, just over 700 of those start-ups still exist today. The results of this are: unemployment for thousands, loss of capital for investors & market fluctuation that affects the common man.
Since an organization is a massive entity with huge underlying investments, strategizing becomes a necessary factor for successful operation. Else, it would fall under the 75% category of failing businesses. The establishment of a good strategic business management counters this. Its motive is to overcome challenges by providing innovative solutions and keeping a business out of the water.

Looking at the evidence:

The first research ever done on the role of strategizing in business was back in 1965. Since then, countless researchers have tried their hand at defining what it really is. But after many attempts different researchers had different takes on the meaning of strategic management. For example, some define it by referring to general managers, while others do not. Some refer to the overall organization or firm, while others do not. Some refer to the organizational performance, some to external environments and some to internal. So you can see there’s a bit of confusion regarding what strategic management is.
To get a clear picture on this, Rajiv Nag & Donald C. Hambrick published their famous “What is Strategic Management, Really?...” They took a set of business experts from different fields and asked them to define strategic management. After gathering the definitions of 49 or so experts, they picked out the words used most frequently in each definition. For example, words like, strategy, innovation, initiatives, acquisition, Investment, operation, resource & performance were most common.

The Paradox:

Rajiv Nag & Donald C. Hambrick did manage to form a definition with the information they found. Their definition was – ‘The field of strategic management deals with the major intended and emergent initiatives taken by general managers on behalf of owners, involving utilization of resources, to enhance the performance of firms in their external environments.’
But there’s a catch. At their conclusion, this is what they had to say: “Strategic management’s apparent weakness seems to be its strength. Its amorphous boundaries and inherent pluralism act as a common ground for scholars to thrive as a community…” They intend to say that having different meanings for strategic management is in fact a good thing. It allows this term, strategic management, to be properly defined through this. Because it encompasses such a broad spectrum, having several definitions maintains its identity.

The Real Definition:

Today, experts say that focusing on a definition for strategy management is not the right approach. If one wants to really understand business strategy it would be easier to focus on its process. The way it operates is through answering questions like:
• What differentiates the company from its competitors in the eyes of customers and other stakeholders?
• Which skills and capabilities should be developed within the firm?
• What are the important opportunities and risks for the organization?
• How can the firm generate more value for investors?
Strategic management is about responding to these questions and acting accordingly.
There are countless institutes out there today imparting the knowledge of strategic management to people worldwide. And a career in this field is not just a viable choice but exceeds traditional MBA degrees today. If you are curious about this field, take a look at this page and see how it can transform your career.

How does an online MBA course help juggle work and career?

How does an online MBA course help juggle work and career?

How does an online MBA course help juggle work and career?

Balancing a degree along with a job while having to find time for family and friends seems a bit challenging at times. Nevertheless, the average age of most of the people who pursue an Executive MBA is approximately 36, with a majority of them being employed and having families. However daunting it may sound, academic experts at Jaro Education, one of the top education service providers in India, review that every year many students around the world pursue an Executive MBA for reaping its rewards afterward, getting a hike in salary and even getting promoted to higher roles.
Leaving the job to get a degree in MBA isn’t your only option. Luckily, with the increase in demand for flexible learning, traditional on-campus learning has also evolved.


Most of the online MBAs provide the same quality of education as the on-campus MBA programmes, the only difference is in the delivery and flexibility. The online MBA programmes include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Hence the programmes are designed in such a way that they are highly adaptable to the complex schedules. At times, the classes are scheduled in the evening so that one can study accordingly without having to take time from work. This flexibility helps people balance work and family life while upgrading academic qualifications as well.


For most of the MBA prospects, studying while having to look after the family may sound beyond their means but with the right research, one can find a quality online MBA course at an affordable price. On top of it, studying online means no commuting cost, textbook expenses, and other campus-related expenses. According to experts at JaroEducation, the affordability of an online MBA program can help you study while working without sacrificing your income.


Since the online MBA programmes require no in-person interaction, you can have the perks of digital interactions and classroom participation among the different faculty members and students from all around the world. Thus, you can increase your knowledge base and get to build powerful networks beyond your workplace that can present you with new opportunities once you graduate.
Online MBA is an ideal choice for those who have a family to look after, can’t give up their jobs and don’t want to move to a different location for business school. Jaro Education, one of the top education service providers in India, caters to the need of working professionals from reputed universities and colleges for pursuing an MBA online.

Bringing your Love for Finances and Management Together

Bringing your Love for Finances and Management Together

Bringing your Love for Finances and Management Together

The MBA has been a trend in the education industry since its conception. The opportunities and scope of growth that an MBA gives can’t be surpassed. The advent of executive and online education has only made this profession more popular. While we all are aware of boons of a management course, here’s a unique new way in which an executive MBA can add value to your career through the niche of Finance.

There are countless MBA courses across the nation and each one has its own benefits. If you earn a specialization at the end of an MBA course, nothing like it. The business world needs experts with specific and applied knowledge for the constantly evolving industry.

This is why many institutes, like NSE Academy, have innovatively offered an ‘Executive MBA in Financial Markets’, a rare blend of management studies and financial markets. The emphasis here is on practical learning which will be fostered through its management curriculum imparted by their partner GNIMS, a renowned business school for their MBA & PGDM programs. This is an ideal blend of relevant academic knowledge and its application to financial markets.

What about the Earning Potential?

The remuneration offered to students with an MBA-Finance degree is quite high. This is due to equity, currency derivatives, mutual funds, etc, becoming a growing trend among professionals in India. The National Stock Exchange in India has built this programme from the ground up, intertwining it with an Executive MBA. NSE Academy combines the two most in-demand sections of any organization. Thus, resulting in a career with high salary potential.

What are my Future Options?

Graduates can get employed in roles such as Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Credit Risk Management, Hedge Fund Management, Private Equity, Financial Research Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst, Cash Managers, Accounting Managers, Investment Bankers, Corporate Finance, and Derivatives Structuring. These positions require financial market knowledge and management prowess. Exactly what is inculcated through this programme of NSE Academy and GNIMS. You can easily depend upon the management modules of GNIMS and the live trading simulations of NSE Academy for mastering every relevant skill required to lead in the industry.

Am I Eligible?

Anyone with a graduate degree from a recognized university is eligible for this programme. However, since it is a course that conducts its lectures over the weekends, it is a great choice for working professionals. You don’t need to compromise on your career since NSE Academy has got your back. Its examinations are flexible too and no employer could doubt the credibility of NSE Academy and the practical experience in markets that they provide students with. If that wasn’t enough, they give you 12 distinct certifications after completing the course.

If you are still unsure our academic experts are here to guide you and answer every question. Click here and ask away, your career in Management career in financial markets is waiting on you.

Jaro Education Reviews

Jaro Education reviews utility and scope of online MBA

As you brace yourself to apply for business school, you might wonder about online MBA programs, more so if you already have a busy schedule or family life. Some students are quite nervous about undertaking an MBA online and are worried about online courses’ reputation. Is an online MBA worth it? Are they respected by employers? How much do they cost? Should you get your MBA online? Education experts at Jaro Education review the scope and utility of online MBA to answer these questions.

Is an online MBA degree for real?

One of the very first questions prospective business school students often ask about online MBA and PGDM programs is, “Is an online MBA degree for real?” Some are concerned whether the reputation of an online business school is impressive enough to land a job or whether potential employers will take it seriously.

The answer is “yes” to both the questions! According to experts at Jaro Education online MBA programs became increasingly popular in the last decade as institutions of higher education sought to accommodate the busy lives of students. The increasing focus on digital technology in the business world is another factor.

What benefits does an online MBA offer?

According to educators at Jaro Education, pursuing an online MBA course offers you with numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below

      1. Study Anywhere, And Work While You Do It

Flexibility is one of the key reasons why students choose online MBA programs. Usually, classes are scheduled in the evenings in order to accommodate daytime work. This enables you to complete coursework whenever you want, making your own schedule to fit your needs.

This kind of flexibility is useful if you already have a career, and are looking to supplement your skills or education without detracting from that career. As per Jaro Education reviews, it is also helpful if you’re aiming to switch fields, and undertake specialized training in a particular area, but don’t want to quit your current job before doing so.

       2. Lower Cost

While you consider whether you should get your MBA online, cost of the course should always be taken into account. Many online MBA programs cost far less than than in-person business schools. Most state allow you to complete online coursework at or near the in-state tuition rate instead of the non-resident rate, thus giving you a broader and less expensive range of options.

What’s more? You can work full or part-time while you undertake online MBA course, so you won’t be sacrificing your income while you study.

         3. An International Community Of Faculty And Students

Many online MBA programs have both faculty and students from all over the world. Since there is little or no face-to-face interaction in an online MBA program, most online business schools emphasize frequent digital interaction, check-ins, and classroom participation.

Experts at Jaro Education are of the opinion that interacting with instructors and colleagues from so many regions can enrich you, as you diversify your knowledge base, and find new opportunities to explore after you graduate.

Is online MBA a good choice?

It certainly is. Online MBA programs are ideal for students who want to keep up with their busy careers and/or family lives or are not willing to move to a different location for business school. Flexibility is another big perk of an online MBA program; so if you want to complete an MBA program while fulfilling your other obligations, an online business school might be the best option.

Experts at Jaro Education are of the opinion that an part-time MBA degree is just as useful and empowering as a conventional full-time MBA. However, the final choice still remains up to you.


Online MBA – A Movement to Empower Women

Women, ever imagined what our lives would be without them? They’re the ones who bring balance and a sense of purpose in our lives. And now, women have learned to defy stereotypes and stand for themselves. They’re not just good, but one of the best minds in the game. Yet there is a need to empower women for the socio-economic, and political outlook on women is still not at equal terms as men.

It’s a known fact that every would-be mother needs some time off to take care of themselves and their child. However, it’s a harsh reality that many organizations look down at this practice. Women who have a gap in their career face a lot of ordeals to get back into the corporate game. With a lot of struggle, women somehow manage to get back, but mostly at a lower experience role. Despite having all the required experience and capabilities, they have a tough time getting a job in the caliber they truly deserve. This demotivates many and only a few are able to rise against this hurdle. This is the epidemic that has plagued us today. So, what can be done about this?

The online MBA

The once considered unconventional mode of education, online MBA, has become not just an accepted mode of higher learning, but the preferred mode. It is a favorite among working professionals looking for an upgrade, and now among women who’d like to revamp their career.

An online MBA is the epitome of flexibility. These programs are designed in such a way that working professionals and stay-at-home moms can study at their convenience. One of the greatest advantages you get from online MBA courses are the wide-range of specializations offered by top universities in the country. This enables you to do one in the specialization best-suited to your qualifications and soon enough, you’d be back on your feet. It’s like your career just underwent a spa treatment of online MBA that has refreshed every aspect of its being.

The advantages offered

Once a woman becomes a mother, it’s very difficult to spend time for a full-time MBA. An online MBA is designed keeping this in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that makes it so popular:


Online MBA provides you with a lot of flexibilities. You can study at the comfort of your home, or while traveling, or at the park, basically wherever you like. All you need is a smart phone and a good Internet connection.


Just because this is an online mode of learning, it doesn’t mean that it’s not valid. The ones having the right accreditations are not just valid, but sought after by Fortune 500 companies. Hence, getting an online MBA degree from a reputed institute or university does wonders to your otherwise dry career.


Compared to full-time MBAs, these are cheaper and hence, more affordable. Most universities have a vast range of EMI options which makes the fee payment easier and hassle free.

Better connectivity

In a traditional set-up, you interact only with the students and the faculties present in your classroom. In online MBA, your classmates and faculties are from all over the world. From this interaction, you get to expand your outlook and absorb so much from your peers.

More up-to-date

Unlike traditional MBAs that follow the same age-old syllabus, online MBA programs undergo change frequently to keep up with the industry standards. This ensures more latest and upgraded knowledge, which is definitely a bonus for you.

International MBA

This is the latest MBA. With a global outlook, companies are looking for candidates with the skills this type of MBA provides. With companies looking to expand overseas, it’s very important for them to have someone who understands the global market and the cultural implications of that particular country. An International MBA equips one with these qualities and thus, would expand your career graph to great heights.

Hence, Online MBA is proving to be not just another mode for acquiring an MBA, but a movement in itself. It has been an integral mode in empowering women to follow their passions and contribute to the society. Women, one of the most underestimated people today, once again can find their way out of career stagnation.

If you have any stories to share about your experience in revamping your career after a break, feel free to leave a comment.

Jaro Education takes the CSR Route to encourage Education

“Compulsory spending on Corporate Social Responsibility is a blessing and not a burden on companies”, said Sudha Murty, chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, in an interview with Hindustan Times. Jaro Education believes the same and has always spent on various CSR activities since its initial days.

Jaro has been promoting and spreading awareness about education. The CSR activity for the year 2017 was also done along the similar lines. A donation was given to Palawi, which an organization in Pandharpur, Maharashtra for HIV/AIDS affected orphan children. Palawi aims to not only provide these kids with food and shelter, but also education so that they can lead an independent life. We understand that education is the only way to empower these young minds.

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, the CEO Jaro Education believes that promoting education is the best form of philanthropy, which will bring about a gradual change in the country. He opines that when the society gives you something good, you need to give it back to people in a bigger and better way.

Indian Universities realize the power of Online Education

The past few years have seen a boom in Online Education as the preferred mode by universities and students alike. Earlier only traditional methods of imparting education were available, which required students to invest time and effort in a full-time program, thus keeping them away from the job market. However with the advent of technology and internet, many educational institutes are providing specializations in PGDM and MBA via the online medium.

Online Education

Industry Size and Distance Learning Benefits

According to a recent study by Google and KPMG, the current size of the industry is $247 million and will have an 8x growth by 2021, with an estimate size of $1.96 billion. Traditional B-Schools are turning obsolete as Online Education provides the same curriculum with additional benefits of affordability, convenience, personal pace of learning and most importantly not losing an employment.


The Users of Online Education

Education industry consists of a wide range of students from top metro cities as well as rural areas. A study revealed that ‘education searches’ on search engines are 44 % higher in rural towns beyond the top 6 metro cities. The curriculum is customized to meet the needs of the student community and offer several multiple specializations, suiting individual professional goals. Additionally, the program benefits housewives who may have briefly been away from the corporate world, remotely located students who now have faster access to management programs and young employees who want to upgrade their skills


Study Model

Some universities are providing hybrid models that is basically a mix of Online Learning as well as Personal Contact Programs / Doubt Solving Sessions held ahead of exams. While the others facilitate Virtual Classroom sessions with messengers to solve problems on the spot. Universities offer placement support both domestic and international to provide end to end solutions to a student’s journey.  Some companies are even starting unique businesses with the help of technology. There are mobile apps to prepare a user for entrance tests as well as the Video Giant YouTube hosts several tutorials, that are lending huge monies to creators.

Cost Effective

In comparison to traditional management programs, online courses are reasonably priced. Offering the same quality education at a convenient time and personal learning pace.

The money saved can be invested in other professional certifications. Example a value added certification in Digital Marketing for a Marketing Student.

Improve Job Prospects

Management students get an opportunity to be placed in high-level positions that pay well. Industry knowledge and case-studies add credibility, thus increasing the chance at employment.

Universities are embracing the reach and power of the internet and utilizing the medium to the fullest. Students and parents are flocking towards the new age learning techniques. The nation is rapidly adjusting to the boom of technology and using it for their best interests