Glimpse into an IIM Executive Programme

April 3rd, 2019

3 Minute Read

If you are an entrepreneur, a leading executive, or anyone with a good chunk of experience in the management industry, you already know it’s the most dynamic field. You have to keep upgrading to keep growing. As the Director of IIM Ahmedabad , Prof. Ashish Nanda puts it correctly about the changed education model, he says, “you learn some, you then work some, and then you come back and refresh your learning.”

With the brand new education model comes endless opportunities to bag. All IIMs across India are known for being the best to uplift ones management career. And a new way to do so, are their IIM executive programmes. Executive programmes from premium IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad focus on everything right from leadership training to general management without affecting the current work life of the participant.

So what is it to be like going back to academics with your dream IIMs after years of experience you ask? Here’s a glimpse.

Challenges and nostalgia

Getting back to learning and understanding the new age skills and techniques is said to be the most challenging part for the executive students. Another challenge is also to maintain the balance between their work life and studies. But the spirit of learning and upgrading helps them overcome these challenges along with the nostalgia of going back to seeking knowledge.

Learning from practitioners

While studying from one of the IIMs is already a plus point, what the participants love the most about the executive programs are the Ivy-League case studies and the flexibility. Learning from world-class faculties and the peers who come with rich experience from their respective industries adds more to the pedagogy.

Ms. Swati Malhotra, a participant of IIM Ahmedabad’s Accelerated General Management Programme says, “What I liked about the approach of the faculty and the course structure is that they do not teach you theory, they have the case study method. They pick up the real cases where people have gone through similar dilemma of running their ventures, businesses. They do not spoon-feed you anything.”

The high point – Networking

Probably the highlight of every IIM executive programmes are the campus immersions and interactions with the peers that come from various industries with years and years of experience. The blended programmes like these bring people together who are working in various fields which help everyone stay updated about almost everything management.

Wholesome future prospects

With thorough leadership training and the most relevant curriculum the participants get the best exposure in the industry and puts them on the radar of leading companies. Even though the programmes are concise they add years of experience in the participant’s profile. Few of the top IIMs, such as IIM Ahmedabad also give the key feature of getting the alumni status that helps in transitioning ones career.

So now that you know what your dream IIM Executive Programme exactly is about, apply for one of these programmes with us right here.