Rare Career Opportunities in Financial Markets to Bag!

April 17th, 2019

3 Minute Read

If Financial News or the stock market updates start your day more often than a cup of tea or coffee, then you must know there are endless opportunities calling for you. Jaro Journal is here to take you beyond the mundane banking and consultant job roles of financial markets. Read on to find out some of the unknown yet highly rewarding job profiles in the financial markets that you probably were wishing existed.

Actuarial Risk Management

If analyzing and strategizing are your strong points you have already mastered the crux of this job role. A risk manager or officer is accountable for identifying the financial risks of an organisation and controlling them. While preparing for a job like this, an executive MBA in India and certifications from NSE come really handy. They validate your analytical skills when you are looking forward for a managerial position and a higher salary as compared to a regular trader or a consultant. You can even aim to reach the zenith as a CRO Chief Risk Officer by taking up an executive MBA course.

Computational Finance

Love programming and finance? This career option will be the heavens answer to your prayers. Programming financial systems and algorithms; these people are known as the financial engineers. If you already have the fundamentals of the data science and programming, top it off with an executive MBA course in the financial markets to establish your career in computational finance.

Green Accountant

A niche in the financial markets where you get to serve the environment, this one is a rare combination. Put together an executive MBA in India and your interest in the environmental issues in the country, this job has a lot of scope. With a career in green accountancy you can expect to analyze the factors of environmental costs into the finances. As organisations these days tend to sideline the environment policies, green accounting helps in maintaining the balance between financial goals and environmental goals.

Merger and Acquisition Analyst (Investment Banking)

The merger and acquisition (M&A) is a fascinating segment of the investment banking in the field of finance. A part of the strategic management, Merger and Acquisition analyst needs to have a sound knowledge about the electronic market trading, market forecast, etc to identify a potential deal. Analyzing equity interests, market share, and corporate strategies are the fundamentals of this job role. An executive MBA course which offers a degree in management studies along with the knowledge of finances could be a great idea for getting into M&A.

Personal Financial Advisor

While many people are looking to make the most of the financial markets, it’s not just the big organisations or corporates who are looking for your expertise. The consultant and portfolio management job role has evolved into what is known as the personal finance advisor where you can have your own client base. With the right understanding of the markets and an executive MBA course one can easily build a career as a personal financial advisor.
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