Data Science and Analytics

Big Data is slowly taking over the world with millions of records at a time. Companies now deal with massive amounts of data on a daily basis creating an unparalleled demand for professionals in this space. To give students the opportunity to enter into an on-demand profession and to drive intelligent decisions, Jaro Education presents Executive Postgraduate Program In Data Science and Analytics in association with SAS.

Key Program Features

  • One attempt global Base SAS certification for all students
  • SAS offers Software for Base SAS training
  • SAS will provide verified Digital Badges to students on successful completion of the program and a global certificate attempt
  • Students will receive a co-branded joint certificate at the end of the program

Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Analytics

  • Learn contemporary technologies that make machine learning, optimization, and statistical models relevant, accurate, and secure
  • From AI and Deep Learning to business intelligence and quantitative methods, you will get a chance to explore an ecosystem of topics and learn sophisticated technologies
  • A unique feature of this program is understanding the different facets of innovation from nimble and frugal to high-impact, disruptive innovation
  • Build the capacity to adapt and respond expeditiously to Black Swans- high-impact, hard to predict, and rare events
  • Globally renowned faculty in information technology, computer science, engineering and business along with select executives from industry will provide first-hand experience in deploying large-scale solutions in business analytics

EPGP Data Science & Analytics powered by SAS

Program Name
Program Duration
Technology Partner
Delivery Type
EPGP in Data Science
& Analytics
09 Months


Foundation Course of 2 weeks duration

  • Full Time: 3 terms of 3 months each
  • Session Duration: Around 5 Hours/day face to face learning sessions supplemented with self-paced videos.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, CS, IT, IS, Business,Commerce
  • Evidence of 2 years experience in an IT related field preferable
  • Certified transcripts from your undergraduate program
Mathematics &
Programming (Term I)
(Term II)
Machine Learning & AI
(Term III)
Quant Methods
Programming in R
Big Data Analytics
Data Exploration &
Base SAS
Machine Learning
Feature Engineering &
Anomaly Detection
Natural Language
Processing + Web
Recommender System
Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Term I Hours : -96
Term II Hours : -96
Term III Hours : -96
Term I Credits : -10
Term II Credits : -10
Term III Credits : -10
Total Hours 288
Total Credits 30
Program Name
Program Duration
EPGP in Data Science
& Analytics
9 Months
INR 2.50
lacs + GST

State of the art Learning Centre

360 Infrastructure & Equipment

Analytics Lab

The Data Centre and Analytics Lab has been set up to support latest data technology and analytics software

Conference & Seminar Halls

Spacious and fully air conditioned Conference & Seminar halls which provide an ideal setting for many thought provoking brainstorming sessions. We organize student presentations, group discussions, seminars, and workshops here. It is well equipped with audio visual aids with fine sound system and other state-of-the-art equipments.

Fully Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

A fully Wi-Fi enabled campus is provided to the students for a smooth and enriching learning experience.

Learning Management System (LMS)

World-class Learning Management System (LMS) and e-library resources to make the program easily accessible from anywhere and at anytime.

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