• This is a Senior Leadership Programme that equips bright employees (with over 7 years’ experience) with management perspectives and skills. To transform themselves into strategic leaders, executives need to broaden their understanding of the emerging business environment, hone their quantitative and qualitative skills.It is planned as a premium programme that is partly online and partly on campus to give high value to the participant.
  • The programme would be in the overall functional areas of management, its source disciplines and in a way that builds on the experience of the participants as also imbibes strategic thinking and decision making to equips the senior managers to take up Leadership management roles

Programme USPs

  • Recognized certification from one of the top management schools in the country
  • Learning from the best faculty in India and industry experts
  • A course content that builds on the experience of industry veterans
  • Rigorous Programme Structure with assessments
  • Case studies and role play (where relevant)
  • Continue earning while you gain a high-quality certification that enhances your prospects to lead organisation
  • Superior performance on the job
  • Focus on skills & perspective for leadership roles


  • The Programme seeks to further organizational effectiveness and excellence in performance through the development of human resources
  • It builds upon the experience of the participants, enhancing their effectiveness in leading their organization
  • Programme provides unique perspectives on best practices in managing teams, handling adversity, and defining one’s own personal leadership style
  • Programme develops the skills required to take strategic and managerial decisions necessary in Senior Management roles
  • Successful candidates will be awarded with a Certificate of successful completion

Who May Attend / Eligibility

  • Working professionals/self-employed (Graduates) with minimum work experience of 7 years may apply and who have done well but now aspire to take a leap and lead the next level of Senior Management functions.
  • Selections will be based on evaluation of individual profile & statement of purpose (SOP)


  • Evaluation will be conducted by IIM Rohtak. Successful candidates will be awarded with a Certificate of successful completion and would be granted IIM Rohtak.


  • The teaching approach will be highly interactive using the technological capabilities of the channel. The pedagogy followed for the programme will consist of a blend of lectures, case studies, online lectures, projects, peer to peer learning, self-learning, role play and simulations. Mentoring by faculty and access to learning resources of IIM Rohtak will also be made available. There will be 3 campus sessions of 4 days each at IIM Rohtak. Jaro Education will ensure uninterrupted technical support in conducting online classes, attendance, quizzes, etc.
Application Fee
Programme Fee
On – Campus fees
INR 2,000/- + GST
INR 4,60,000/- + GST
Rs. 3500 + Tax (per day) is directly payable to IIM Rohtak
  • The student fee includes all the course material which is books, simulations, case studies, and certification.
  • Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable towards any other student/program/batch.
  • GST will be charged at prevailing rates (currently @18%).
  • Any extra payment due to any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the program will have to be borne by the student.
  • Application Closure Date : 15th February 2019
  • Last Date for Payment of First Instalment : TBC
  • Program Duration : 12 months
  • Orientation & Briefing by Jaro : March 1st Week
1st Installment
2nd Installment
3rd Installment
At the time of enrolment
On or before Completion of 3rd month from the date of commencement
On or before Completion of 6th month from the date of commencement
INR 1,60,000 + Tax
INR 1,50,000 + Tax
INR 1,50,000 + Tax

Course Content

Why do we need strategy; Overview of school leadership research and developments – national and international; significance of strategic leadership

Myself as a leader: Understanding self – an introduction to Emotional Intelligence; Resilience – a strength based approach to leadership capacity

Experience, Effective communication, Self-confidence, Feedbacks, Building strong relationships, Deep understanding of the goals

Ability to delegate; Ability to resolve conflicts; Ability to negotiate; Problem solving skills; Ability to think out of the box; Persuasion

How to set effective strategies in the absence of necessary and valuable resources?
Importance of vision, mission statements, Alignment of goal with strategy; Outsource strategies; Essential elements to profitability

Principles of Value Creation and Capture

Creating corporate identity; How to reconfigure the value chain towards economic strategy advantages; Benchmarking; How to distinguish your organization’s value propositions from others; How to come up with strategies that make customers will to pay more

Planning; Talent Acquisition; Training and Development

Organizational design; Organizational alignment; Structures; Organizational Efficiency and effectiveness

Understanding corporate culture: Structural aspects; Behavioral aspects; Human aspect

What is a learning organization; Types of learning; innovation and creativity; How to build a learning organization

Different Types of Mergers: Horizontal, Related, Vertical & Conglomerate; M&A Planning and Acquisition Process

Study how environmental events affect organizations and drive the need for continuous change; Analyze change at the individual, group, and systemic levels; Models of change; Role of change agents; Comprehend the complexity of change within organizational cultures and systems

Recognize various methods and approaches of leadership in different cultures; Develop cultural intelligence

Manage and compete at international levels; Strategies to enter global markets; Risks of entering international markets; Market failure recovery; Balancing tradeoffs in a global business

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