The ultimate guide to becoming the best Data Analytics professional

March 27th, 2019

3 Minute Read

The profession of a Data Analyst is fairly new. Still, they are the most globally sought-after individuals in the world today. Among the 241 countries, India houses the most number of data analytic talent. Yet, there is expected to be a rise in the number of job opportunities for them, purely because of how rare their combinations of skills are. If you did a simple search online you will find that job postings for data analysis have increased significantly and a rising trend has been noted in the number of data analytic courses everywhere.

So then what does it take to become one of the most in-demand individuals in the world? Here’s how you could get there in just five easy steps.

Master Math & Stats

A foundation in math and statistics is a must for any Data Analyst and the same can be obtained from subjects like finance, economics, and algebra, etc. These subjects fine-tune the statistical and analytical skills in you to be used for when you collect and classify the data.

Code – In byte-sized amounts

When analyzing data, you need to know the language in which it communicates. Open source coding languages such as Python, R or commercial ones like SAS are a good place to start or better yet, choose a programme that gets your SAS certificates along with a Masters in data analytics. A crucial part of becoming a successful Data Analyst, basic coding knowledge is a must.

Level up with Big Data

When data needs to be analyzed at a large scale, the approach of storing and categorizing them must change. The work performed by Data Analysts can’t run on single machine databases since this data exceeds the limit acceptable by it. The solution, however, lies with Big Data software like Hadoop, Map Reduce, and Spark that are capable of storing and processing large scale data sets. Familiarize yourself with these software and you will be taking your data science career a notch higher.

Communicate your Research

Many data analytics courses cover presentation & soft skills in their curriculum. It is important to be able to present and get across your suggestions to others with finesse. Presentations, graphs, and visualizations will aid you to communicate your research better and establish your need for the better decisions of the organisation.

Stay in the Loop

If you wish to stay relevant in this field you must stay up to date about all data related news. You can do this by following websites like data science 101, Data Tau, r-bloggers as well as people like David Smith, Nate Silver & Hilary Mason. Doing so will keep you in the loop and allow you to engage with the community, too.

With a fair amount of determination and the willingness to learn, you could become the next best Data Analyst. Although, if these steps seem a bit too daunting to achieve by yourself then a data analytics course could be the solution. These courses cover all the above factors in their curriculum and much more.

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