What’s the buzz about Data Analytics Courses?

March 6th, 2019

3 Minute Read

If you have been hearing the word Big Data a lot these days, it’s because Big Data Analytics is everywhere. Over 97,000 analytics and data science related jobs in India are vacant, creating a skill gap of almost 45%. Every organisation from every sector and industry is counting on the data analysts for their success, making data science the need of the hour. Big Data has become the frontier of IT industry creating the buzz of Big Data Analytics courses like never before.

Optimistic market prospects

Right from the time when companies analyzed the data manually to derive trends, data analytics has played a crucial role in the strategic growth of an organisation. The statistics show that forecasts made for the Big Data Analytics market have surpassedall expectations. The market is expected to go from $166 Billion to $260 to $275 Billion by the year 2023.

Enormous skill gap to fill

With such high demand in the market, the outperforming data analysts are always on the radar of all the companies.It is seen that 3 out of 5 technical jobs in the market are involved with data analytics.Due to the lack of adequate resources in the market, a Masters in Data analytics or any other data science course gives you more weightage than you can imagine.

Exceptionally surging salaries

Data Analytics also proves to be a hot job in today’s date because of its surging salaries. The salaries in Data Analytics are over 50% more as compared to any other jobs in the Information Technology field. The professionals trained in the Hadoop, SAS, and other such software have seen a 50% hike in their annual salaries in the last year, which proves this field for their instantly gratifying tendencies.

The requirement at the best organisations

The industry giants from all sectors are all dependent on the predictions from the data analysts for their efficient growth. With a data science course  you can look forward to getting the dream job at Microsoft, Google, IBM, Wipro, Amazon, Accenture, etc. The demand for trained professionals in data analytics is so extensive that it covers almost every sector. Right from the manufacturing and retail industry to the media and entertainment industry; there is no dearth of options for the data analysts to choose from.

So now you know all about the buzz around the hottest course in IT industry – big data analytics! With a Masters of Data Analytics  by your side, you too can grab your success opportunity.

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