A Blend of the Best, the Right Elements for a Leader @ Jaro Education

Her message for JARO employees reads: “Work is worship, only work leads to empowerment.”


While in a crowd of uncountable individuals, you look out for that special individual you would like to talk to or just plain feel nice in the presence of such good company. Out of the many people who come and go, we have a lot of people at Jaro Education who would remain in our lives as permanent memories. Here we talk about someone you would want to converse with at least once and you will feel completely sorted for life.

Dr. Vaijayanti Pandit is one such individual well known for her achievements in representing and staying connected with the industry, a career built by her motivating spirit, and a success story predicted because of this quality. If life is termed to have its own special ways, her life has been a wonderful impersonation of every woman’s journey towards being a wonderful story of encouragement.

Dr. Pandit’s grandfather taught Marathi language to foreigners when she was a small child. A naughty and talkative girl that she was, she was sent to St Helena’s school, Pune to get disciplined early in life. An average student in school transmuted into a topper at the Fergusson College majoring in Political Science for graduation in the Liberal Arts stream. This was the stage of her life when she got inspired by her encouraging professors and other important people who have walked the long path of life together. Her father, her cardiologist brother and her other educationist sibling who was the former Vice Chancellor of Allahabad Central University influenced her tremendously.

The values of integrity, honesty and excellence were the ideals of her family.

Education and motherhood were two blessings that came into her life together like music playing into your ears when you wanted the tune you wanted to listen to. Her children gave her a return gift of life bestowed, by being the lucky charm for her when she graduated in M.A in 1975 and in 1978 she had one more son when she completed her Diploma in Journalism. She was teased for being a Double MA Graduate when she had her first baby boy.

Winning a gold medal in Table Tennis and being a part of the football team, she had to fight with her parents to get coached from the men’s club, a recommendation she got because her ability was at par with that of men in table tennis.

Starting from establishing a women’s wing of Indian Merchants Chamber, led to gender empowerment projects for International Labor Organization (ILO) and culminated in a Ph.D in Women Entrepreneurship Development from JBIMS in 2001

Widely travelled to more than 40 countries she organized trade fairs and Buyer Seller Meets in Japan, Australia & New Zealand ; she also got plenty opportunities to speak about women emancipation, women entrepreneurship, on rural women through International conferences.

She moved on to build FICCI (West) in Mumbai which grew in revenues, employee strength, and became industry’s voice for policy change in Technical Textiles, Design, Gems & Jewelry, and Nutraceuticals. Author of the book – Business @ Home, a book that captures 45 success stories, and Everyday Yoga, a ready-to-use book for corporate executives.

She found solace in her work @ JARO education as the years of corporate experience made her the Woman leader we needed to take us forward. More than 3 decades of rich industry, government and international experience would go a long way in strengthening JARO Education

In JARO her contribution was largely in corporate communication building its brand equity by involving, and inviting industry leaders like Suresh Kotak in International MBA convocation in Oct & Dec 2014.

Dr. Vaijayanti Pandit has a persona who has learnt as an average student, taken a leap to being an individual with a winning streak and is the enlightening spirit @ JARO Education who wants to see that streak in everyone working here. If you have work, she believes that is the reason to be happy and if you excel in the responsibility given to you by way of knowledge gathering , you become an expert in that field. We can’t nutshell her story as she has more to her than what you could imagine, however to describe her personality she is poetry to the field of education, inspiring through her story where hard work seems an easy verse of life.

Our Employee(s) - our Strength

See what Mr. Mayank Sood (AVP – Jaro Education) from our Sales team has to say about his journey at Jaro Education

Our Employee - our Strength

Our Employees are our strength!

Our Employee - our Strength

Our Employees are our strength!

Our Employee - our Strength

Our Employees are our strength!

Our Employee - our Strength

Our Employees are our strength!

Divya Patel

“Jaro Education is one of the best things that happened to my career. Thanks to Jaro Education and GNIMS, I got to know about executive education and hence could achieve my dream of an MBA.”

Rajesh Kadam

“This is the place to be if you want to climb the corporate ladder. Thank you to Jaro Education and NSE Academy, I couldn’t have found a better opportunity to pursue my MBA with the niche in Financial Markets like this anywhere.”

Swati Singh

“I got certified in Hybrid PGDM from WeSchool and since then have received 11 job offers that were relevant to my field of interest. Jaro Education has been a blessing when it comes to providing the best opportunities for advancing my career.”

Shivam Sharma

“I was a disbeliever myself. I never thought executive education could help me achieve my giant goals. But the results speak for themselves. I actually received my C-suite role in my dream company and couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Jaro Education for introducing me to the IIM Ahmedabad’s programme. It was well worth the investment.”

Yogendra Singh

"Thank you Jaro Education, for setting me on the right path to the start of my career. If I hadn't got a call from you guys, I would have been still struggling to achieve my management career goals through WeSchool. Keep the good work going. Thanks a lot."