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The MBA has been a trend in the education industry since its conception. The opportunities and scope of growth that an MBA gives can’t be surpassed. The advent of executive and online education has only made this profession more popular. While we all are aware of boons of a management course, here’s a unique new way in which an executive MBA can add value to your career through the niche of Finance.

There are countless MBA courses across the nation and each one has its own benefits. If you earn a specialization at the end of an MBA course, nothing like it. The business world needs experts with specific and applied knowledge for the constantly evolving industry.

This is why many institutes, like NSE Academy, have innovatively offered an ‘Executive MBA in Financial Markets’, a rare blend of management studies and financial markets. The emphasis here is on practical learning which will be fostered through its management curriculum imparted by their partner GNIMS, a renowned business school for their MBA & PGDM programs. This is an ideal blend of relevant academic knowledge and its application to financial markets.

What about the Earning Potential?

The remuneration offered to students with an MBA-Finance degree is quite high. This is due to equity, currency derivatives, mutual funds, etc, becoming a growing trend among professionals in India. The National Stock Exchange in India has built this programme from the ground up, intertwining it with an Executive MBA. NSE Academy combines the two most in-demand sections of any organization. Thus, resulting in a career with high salary potential.

What are my Future Options?

Graduates can get employed in roles such as Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Credit Risk Management, Hedge Fund Management, Private Equity, Financial Research Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst, Cash Managers, Accounting Managers, Investment Bankers, Corporate Finance, and Derivatives Structuring. These positions require financial market knowledge and management prowess. Exactly what is inculcated through this programme of NSE Academy and GNIMS. You can easily depend upon the management modules of GNIMS and the live trading simulations of NSE Academy for mastering every relevant skill required to lead in the industry.

Am I Eligible?

Anyone with a graduate degree from a recognized university is eligible for this programme. However, since it is a course that conducts its lectures over the weekends, it is a great choice for working professionals. You don’t need to compromise on your career since NSE Academy has got your back. Its examinations are flexible too and no employer could doubt the credibility of NSE Academy and the practical experience in markets that they provide students with. If that wasn’t enough, they give you 12 distinct certifications after completing the course.

If you are still unsure our academic experts are here to guide you and answer every question. Click here and ask away, your career in Management career in financial markets is waiting on you.

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