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Students aspiring to have careers in business and management often go for an MBA programme. It’s an internationally-recognised course that can help you develop your skills and prepare you for a job or entrepreneurship. Selecting the right MBA programme is equally important as deciding to do one. In the recent pandemic and post-pandemic eras, the nature and course of education have evolved, and online MBA has become popular. Note that an MBA and an online MBA are two different courses. Multiple universities in India and all around the world offer online MBA courses in an array of fields. These courses come with the convenience of remote studying and saving time.

With all things kept in mind, Jaro Education has created a complete guide on choosing the right MBA programme for you.

Step 1: Selecting the right MBA programme

There are several offline and online MBA programmes available in India. The first step to excel in your career is to choose the right MBA programme specialisation that will align with your career goals. Here is the list of the most in-demand MBA specialisations to choose from:

  • Marketing Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communications Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare and Pharma Management
  • International Business
  • Rural and Agri-Business
  • Logistics Management

Step 2: Selecting the right MBA college

There are numerous universities and institutes in India that provide MBA programmes. The best strategy to choose the best is to assess all universities and institutes using the following criteria.

Reputation and accreditations

You must enroll at a university that has a good reputation. Don’t evaluate a university based on people’s reviews only. Try and find out the universities’ online reputation and brand recognition. Avail for universities that are UGC, NAAC or AICTE accredited. Verify that the institution you are applying to has received any of the aforementioned recognitions.

Course Curriculum and industry exposure

The university and the programme you will be selected, refer to its curriculum to check if it aligns with your goals. Ensure that you will receive useful study material and field-specific learning. Also, see if instructor-guided training and industry exposure are available because practical knowledge will be more useful for you once you complete the programme and proceed towards your career.

Career assistance and employment opportunities

Students enroll in programmes like online MBA to get better employment and career opportunities. Furthermore, many working professionals are doing online MBAs to advance their careers. Hence, opt for a university that will provide effective placement assistance. Jaro Education helps students advance professionally by providing multiple job opportunities. Furthermore, the Jaro Connect Portal allows students to share information and create strong networks.

Digital facilities

Online MBA courses should offer proper digital facilities. The universities offering online MBA courses must distinguish online MBA from distance MBA. If you are doing your MBA online, you should get digital facilities like regular online classes, online practical training, an online library, digital study material, proper student support, and a dedicated point of contact.


MBA programmes offered online are becoming more and more popular. Numerous reputable Indian universities and institutions offer inexpensive online MBA programmes. These online MBA programmes are more thorough and efficient, allowing you to pursue your dream career without ever leaving your current job. The majority of online MBA programmes provide affordable tuition and flexible EMI choices.


Instead of letting your schedule dictate how you study, one must be able to work around it. Verify whether the university and institution offer that freedom. Check the times of their live or online lectures to see if they occur on weekends or after work. When are the exams held, can you take them when it’s convenient for you.


The best reviewers of a college or university are its ex-students. You can learn a lot about a university and institution by finding out how successful the college’s alumni are in their professional life and what kind of placements they have received. You can also try to learn about their experience during the programme by talking to them or reading their reviews.

Step 3: Meeting the eligibility criteria

Most universities and universities have a minimum requirement of 50% for students of general categories and 45% for SC and ST categories in the undergraduate degree. The higher score you have in your bachelor’s degree, regardless of your field, the more chances you have of getting admission to the best universities. Many online MBA universities take entrance exams. If you do not have high marks, the entrance exam can become a deciding factor for you.

Individuals should pick a specialisation before applying for any online MBA programme. This is because different universities and institutions offer various online MBA programmes. While picking a specialisation for your online MBA, remember to select the one that will best prepare you for your desired career path. Once the specialisation of online MBA is selected, you can start evaluating the programs offered by different universities and institutions based on their accreditations, rankings, flexibility, career development, and so on. Check out the complete cost before you take the final call on your offline or online MBA course.

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