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What is BBA?

BBA, also known as Bachelor of Business Administration, is an undergraduate degree course which helps students gain entrepreneurial and business skills. In the modern workplace, the curriculum provides excellent chances for professional progression.

Are you someone that wants to take the business world by storm and leave your impact in the industry of your passion? Then, BBA is the stepping stone that can pave the way for your successful career!

Students who have completed their high school education can apply for a BBA course and are guaranteed to get placement offers with fulfilling job opportunities. Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year degree program aiming to build management and entrepreneurial skills and abilities. Additionally, they are exposed to a range of core disciplines and typically have the option to concentrate on a particular business-related academic field. These fields are:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Human Resource
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

By providing managerial and entrepreneurial skills to management aspirants, the BBA degree helps students find an incredible career path. The BBA degree also improves a student’s communication, management, and practical skills and ability to make business decisions, which prepares them for leading a business.

There has been a constant demand for BBA and MBA graduates, which also helps lift small businesses and firms.


An online degree in a BBA program is the same as a regular degree. They are both equivalent to each other. However, the only difference is that in an online program, the mode of study is a virtual platform. The students have access to all the study materials at all times. Online programs are also known as distance learning which became quite famous during the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

BBA online course is also three years, consisting of six semesters. The subjects and courses are also the same as an on-site course. Even the scope remains the same. The same opportunities are provided to the students.

However, the eligibility criteria for this might differ during the selection process. Any student from any stream in their 12th class with a score of at least 50% can apply for an online course BBA.

At Jaro Education, we provide a wide range of Bachelor’s courses. Some of the reputed universities and institutes offering online BBA courses are:

What are the eligibility criteria for an online BBA degree?

You must be wondering if you are eligible to pursue the course. BBA eligibility is as follows:

Education qualification:

Students applying for a BBA degree must have passed their class 12th in any stream, such as Science, Mathematics, Commerce or Arts, from a recognised board such as CBSE, ICSE, or any state board.

Scores: Students applying for the BBA degree must score at least 50% in their class 12th. However, this requirement differs from university to university. It could be higher or lower than 50% marks.


The entrance examination is conducted based on different universities and colleges. The examination consists of 4 sections: Quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, English language and general knowledge.

What are the learnings offered in an online BBA degree?

BBA graduates are in great demand in the market currently. After completing their degrees, students are placed at firms that demand their skills. Companies related to marketing management, financial institutions, communication management and even business consultants look for such graduates and offer them high packages.

A BBA course is a three-year course consisting of 6 semesters with numerous subjects. These subjects are designed so that the students can grasp all the required knowledge and build the desired skills for a business setting.

BBA graduates learn the following skills in the duration of their course:

1. Leadership qualities

BBA students get the opportunity to work on numerous individual or group projects and case studies. These projects provide on-hands training in handling a team.

2. Entrepreneurial mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset is crucial in this highly competitive business world. A BBA degree helps foster this mindset by encouraging creative thinking, a positive mindset and a drive to succeed.

3. Creativity and innovation

No matter which BBA course you choose, creativity and innovation are two vital skills that will surely be imparted to all students. These skills help students identify opportunities that are overlooked by others.

4. Networking

Every good business person has a vast network of contacts. Our BBA courses teach you the different ways to improve your networking that can be applied in real-world situations.

5. Soft skills

BBA courses also offer classes for soft skills such as decision-making, communication, work environment behaviour and reasoning.

6. Strategic thinking

The BBA courses offer projects and assignments that help students improve their strategic reasoning skills.

7. Market Research

Throughout all the case studies and entrepreneurial projects, the students learn the key techniques and applications of market research.

8. Decision Making

When running a business, one should have strong decision-making skills. A BBA course teaches you business principles and factors one should make strategic decisions on.


The scope of this degree has widened over decades. In India alone, lakhs of students enrol each year for a BBA degree. Graduates of the degree can find employment in the IT, finance, human resources, and sales and marketing departments.

Additionally, it opens to several Postgraduate programs like the MBA. BBA aids in launching a career; however, obtaining a postgraduate degree from a reputable institution could help to improve work possibilities.

This degree is one of the few that emphasises your personal growth and theoretical understanding of the subject matter. Students get more confident, and their personalities are enhanced.

Online BBA degree gives recognition to students for their future career growth. They also earn various types of certificates along the course and a degree on completion of the course. They are shaped to be strong individuals who can lead a business in future.

Job opportunities with an online BBA degree:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance Management
  • Sales Management
  • Operations Management
  • Hotel Manager

Along with such excellent job opportunities, there is scope further in higher education. After completing their online BBA degree, students can opt for an online MBA degree to expand their skills and knowledge about the industry. Students can also opt for Law and various other degrees. They can also go into data and analytics and get into research.

BBA degrees offer attractive salary packages to their students. When it comes to salary schemes, a lot of companies and firms value these graduates. Companies such as Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd, Ernst and Young, Capgemini, and more offer these graduates a deserving package based on their skills. A fresher’s salary can range anywhere from 1.8 to 10 LPA, depending on the role and performance.

If you have a passion for business, an online BBA is the right choice for you. Online BBA courses are as effective as, if not more, than traditional BBA courses. BBA degrees allow you to improve your business acumen and acquire the much-needed skills to help you thrive in the workplace. You can learn as efficiently as offline courses without disrupting your lifestyle when opting for online courses. Students are encouraged to enrol in online courses as it saves time and improves efficiency and productivity.

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