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In today’s marketing world, it is not enough just to have creative skills. Future professionals to sustain themselves in this field need to have a passion for data-based digital marketing. Previously, marketing was about hitting as many people as possible with the company’s message, and it was hoped that closing the sale would affect some of them. Today’s marketing data is more streamlined using analytics. The business just sends its marketing message to the most likely customers.

The Digital Age

Fast-growing technology demands more digitised solutions and switches to part of the traditional marketing methods used over the years. While traditional marketing strategies focus on product sales, modern marketing focuses more on finding customer needs and increasing customer satisfaction through modern techniques such as social media marketing. digital-marketing icon  In the age of digitalisation, adopting smart technology has become a trend. Of course, it is also a need of the hour to sustain business skills. Business automation allows smart decisions to be made to operate effectively.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes all marketing techniques that use digital media and the resulting data (big data). It is primarily an Internet-related marketing application (web marketing) but includes applications linked to mobile telephones, tablets, geo-tracking, and other applications.

Data Analytics

The existence of digital marketing strategies is not clear without the existence of digital science. All the information collected to identify your customers’ needs and preferences helps you tailor your campaigns to your customers’ desires and spending habits. Data analytics is the capability of spot samples. Current methods of digital marketing use big data. Data analytics processes this data to provide actionable insights to a company. Data analytics makes a robust methodology in digital marketing. Data-informed digital marketing efforts often result in more conversions from sales.

The Right Course

Given the need of the hour, Jaro Education has brought a series of robust courses combined with advanced technology to meet the needs of the digital world. Students studying courses benefit from training and guidance from industry experts on real-world business issues and case studies.
Simulated display of digital marketing strategies, trends, tools, and tactics aid in learning. Various marketing analytics techniques help participants develop smart business strategies. Jaro Alumni are currently working in top MNC brands, including Amazon, Tata, FedEx, HCL, Wipro, etc.


Digital Marketing Certification has become the Industry Standard now. A fundamental benefit of using analytics as part of your digital marketing efforts is that it helps you make informed, data-led decisions, which in turn should help you run effective campaigns and drive better commercial performance.

Allied advantages count:

  • Opportunity in increased Cloud Adoption
  • Able to track user behaviour online
  • Help focus on Customer Experience
  • Increase use of Social Media Marketing


With hands-on data, a marketer can plan and execute campaigns to reach potential buyers around the world.

The Reward

Working professionals who desire to switch to digital marketing with data-driven intent on the market are likely to earn respect, confidence, and career growth. According to Payscale, a mid-career Digital Marketing Analyst with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹541,882.

The Course Provider

Jaro Education is a pioneer e-Learning brand in the EdTech domain in India. Jaro provides various management and technology programs from universities and institutes. It adheres to a large number of working professionals by offering various management and technology programs. Like the tagline “Building a career, not just a job,” Jaro provides executives with their executive technology and management programs, as well as the K-12 division.

Jaro has partnered with the best educational institutions in India as well as overseas. Some of them include IIM Trichy, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Ahmedabad, American Business Management & Technology College (ABMTC), etc.

The Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIMN), an Education Partner, aspires to be a leading management institution that shapes management systems and industry engagement. IIMN aims to address the needs of modern India, connecting aspirations and realities to attain benchmarks that are respected internationally.


Marketing professionals in the digital age should adopt data analytics skills by learning through a proper course like what IIM Nagpur PG Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation. Avail the opportunity to grab the IIM Nagpur PG Programme in Data Science for Business Excellence and Innovation and its association with Jaro Education.

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