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IIM Nagpur PG Certificate Programme in Digital Strategy and Marketing Analytics has been creating executive success in the era of a technology revolution. Together with Jaro Education, courses are designed with the ambitious decision-maker at the center of consideration.

Digital Marketing has become a very specialized field now, and executive promotions in this area have become competitive. Elevation into a decision-making role and delivery requires an assured understanding of Digital Marketing Strategy. Jaro Education and IIM Nagpur have joined hands to upskill ambitious managers who see themselves impacting organizations by their digital marketing prowess. Both new and old economy companies are creating senior management teams keeping in mind that their digital marketing strategy can be their most crucial differentiator in top-line as well as bottom-line performance.

The role of Digital Marketing

Pioneering corporations are using digital marketing strategies to directly reach more customers and take advantage of competitors that are slow to overhaul their marketing efforts. Digital marketing succeeds when it becomes more about redesigning the marketing processes rather than when it is used as an addition to pre-existing efforts.

The technology revolution is changing the status of market leaders at a rapid pace, with new players taking over in short periods. Today the success of a product or service depends not on how seasoned the firm is but how well it harnesses digital disruption that is engulfing the marketplace. Our course is designed to help companies serve their customers better with the tools at their commands.

While it is one thing to have a grip of digital marketing techniques, which are relatively easy to appreciate, effectiveness in customer engagement and acquisition is based on the intersection of overall marketing strategy and the digital marketing strategy. Professionals find themselves learning digital marketing techniques on an ad hoc basis but what is expected in the boardroom is strategy learning within digital marketing. It includes having a total overview of digital marketing and directing it towards key organizational goals.

The Digital Marketing Course at Jaro Education

Innovation is a constant factor in digital marketing, and under the aegis of a program on innovation, the candidates immerse themselves in an atmosphere of excellence. The course takes you through all the major components of Digital Marketing today, such as Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), A/B testing, Big Data, and aligning that with business goals.

The course content is well-researched and created with intensive involvement of the industry. The curriculum is designed with multiple exercises, including group projects, industry interaction, assignments, participant presentations, and continuous engagement with faculty to deeply imbibe the best practices that have emerged in the area.

The learning ecosystem will comprise an array of industry experts who will engage with participants directly. Young and seasoned marketers will help shape the participant’s management perspective relevant today and is built on solid fundamentals. The course teaches how to harness digital marketing to reach customers, design online strategies to engage customers, and build high-end digital marketing capabilities from scratch within an organization. Participants are expected to garner the confidence to lead digital marketing efforts as they are taken through a structured learning process.

The IIM Nagpur and Jaro Education partnership is an ideal fulcrum to elevate a professional into the world of best practices in digital marketing and bring strategic thinking into play. It is the course that provides the expertise any company most urgently needs in its professionals. The combined expertise of quality top management education and innovation for today’s world will give you the edge you are looking for. Visit Jaro Education and enroll today!

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